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Twitch Troll nation and Eric Ericson trolls Red Eye Radio fags as the big oil fossil fuel burning hacks they are

  Jacoby Genevese
  the Red Eye radio fags are jag fucks for the old fossil fuel industry,jet tripping, and the big unnecessary trucking industry that brings cheap product  in and ships importing  junk made in China that helps make many Chinese over-lords of the global businessmen world instant Quaker billionaires and the red eye radio hosts Eric Harley and Gary McNamara seem to be all swell with this economic plan and empowerment of China and their armies and navies thorough the America foolish consumer.
Eric Ericson and other members of the Twitch troll nation have attacked and called up endlessly trying to fuck with these two hacks of the oil industry and pushers of more trucking and dead end loser over-paid jobs of creepy men that in all actuality should be automated and never had existed in the first place. The Red Eye Radio hosts grouse at the amount of subsidies proposed for new windmill and solar technology but have little to complain of the amount of subsidies the fossil fuel industry receives form government and gas stations built everywhere that are all globally tied and
mostly managed and owned by foreigners. Few people wish for their  sons to be truck drivers and the trucking industry is relying more and more  to immigrant labor and Harley and McNamara are two dudes for a wall but wish for Mexican trucks and shipping to continue undisturbed. despite the fact that much human smuggling takes place on freight trucking. The Red Eye radio host shad no idea what hit them and why all these silly teenagers were calling them and making them hit the dump button and Harley and McNamara refused to take any more calls for the night ads thre Twitch troll nation inundated these jerks with their messages and esoteric name mentions and  calls.

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