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He's wheely something: Inventor who can Transform himself into the famous toy car


Revved up: Drew Beaumier created his real-life Transformer outfit in his garage at home in Fountain Valley, California, armed with a tool box, a Power Wheels car and spare parts from Walmart

This is the man who has turned himself into a real life Transformer - by creating a fully functional Autobot costume out of a children's toy.

The must-have gadget for any die-hard Transformer fan was the brainchild of Californian Drew Beaumier.

He's already wowed the judges on American Idol and now he's created the crazy costume in his garage armed with just a beginner's tool box.

Animated fun: The part-time bar tender has taken to re-enacting famous scenes from the Transformer series for tourists on Hollywood Boulevard

It took eight weeks of constant trial and error to piece it together using a second-hand Power Wheels car to form the body and spare parts as well as glue bought at WalMart.

Transformer fanatic Drew then ripped the children's car apart leaving him with each separate section.

He then meticulously pieced the parts back together with hinges and glued it to a sports undergarment so he could wear it like a suit.

The robot costume comes complete with wheels attached to his arms and legs so he can fold down into a car and roll along.

Coming soon: Drew hopes to roll out his costume on mail order by 2012

But when he stands up, the costume springs back out into the superhero pose famed by Optimus Prime and Co.

The part-time bar tender has now taken to re-enacting famous scenes from the Transformer series along Hollywood and Sunset Boulevard.

And his street performances have already paid off the $300 he spent making his crazy creation after eager tourists began tipping him to have photos taken next to the real-life action hero.

Drew, 25, said: 'I've always been a big Transformers fan ever since I was a tiny kid. I remember I was struggling for money, working a few rubbish bar jobs and then it hit me - make a Transformer costume and go and entertain all the tourists.

Full-on action scene from the 2007 Transformers film showing Decepticon Bonecrusher battling with Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots

'But the idea never really got off the ground until a few years after the idea first came to me.

'It was only when a good condition Power Wheels car was advertised for sale that I snapped it up and began making it.

'Within two months I had a prototype built and fully working.

source: dailymail

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