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Doogie the Doberman nearly destroyed on security camera by Gracie the Crazy Cougar

Aaron Luther
Animal Stories
   A disturbing video of a doberman named Doogie getting nearly mauled to death by a crazy cougar in California was captured by security cameras and is posted on YouTube. The two minute video is grainy but one can clearly see the fighting death techniques of Pumas or Mountain Lions as this one didn't hesitate to attack one of the most scariest of mans best friend.
Gracie took her time and likely would of taken the doberman out for a meal if the dog had not been tied to a freak on a  leash and its fat,bloated old owner finally made it up to the garage area after hearing the commotion.The big guy cat did their usual fighting technique with its back claws and wailed upon the dog unmercilessy most probably stalking the dog for months and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike.
Doogie was rushed to the hospital as the video clearly shows a loss of blood and the owner should be charged with neglect as no one should tie a dog to a leash in crazy cougar territory. This piece of shit fat dog slaver should of been the victim and I wonder why the crazy cougar did not go after this slower target troll of a fuck. The  eating and vicious attack of Doogie would never had occurred without the total incompetence and ignorance of this pet owner who should lose all custody and be charged with animal abuse.

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