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WPKL New Hampsires Alan Sorentino pleased with womens baggy jogger pants look but dismayed by increase of ripped jeans

     Baba Pugwuthi

   Never sorry Alan Sorrentino noticed a new pleasant trend thus far and that is women are indeed wearing more baggier jogging pant sand outfits and without a doubt this is finally something positive to this clothing critic. The day time tlak show at New Hampshire's WPKL long created controversy when several years ago he criticized women's yoga pants and that these pants and their butts were everywhere and it totally disgusted him and Mr Sorrentino hopes we have crossed over peak yoga. Alan noticed more and more women rejecting these sleazy polyester and spandex outfits with surprisingly man young women wearing boys style baggy pants and this pleases Alan Sorrentino and others who rightfully point out that women should be more modest ad try to look more positive and less bimbolotic. 

  Alan says women need to skip the shirt wear and athlesiure for more appropriate Alan  clothing and he says the era of cheap imported chemically laced clothing made of polyester instead of organic cotton is disgusting and creates a wasteland as millions pounds of waste clothing  gets dumped in the middle of the Mohave and Sahara deserts or something, 
 Alan Sorrentino is never sorry for what he sees and comment sin women's clothing and the man hopes one day we return to the days of black dresses and the likes of Dr Linda Hazzard had to wear while starving her patients   on a diet of tomato juice and marijuana. Alan also hates the bullshit that women wear of ripped disgusting jeans and that he cant believe these bitches actually prefer clotting like this and the strenuous physical actions of the textile workers having to rip and strain their hands to accomplish this look is incomprehensible and reprehensible all rolled into one with a nice bow on top.

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