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Solving Immigration in America

This is not a totally easy fix. However, the President and the rest of the Executive Branch have the power to make changes that will take this from 'Street Theater' to judging applications on their MERIT. It should not make receiving a green card  a matter of who makes the most emotional case.
Note the composition of this group - almost ALL male and military age.
It's not just Mexicans and Central Americans. It's the cynical way that Asians use their privilege to arrange to have their births in the USA, giving their children dual citizenship. It's the PURCHASE of visas by the wealthy. And, it's the abuse of humanitarian exceptions, that can allow people to mooch off the system for years.

Conservative Review has a long piece about immigration.

Aside from that use of law to hamper unchecked immigration, the Border Patrol can be used more effectively. This use of immigration checks was conducted in New England. The use of this tactic has been affirmed by the Supreme Court, as long as it occurs at a reasonable distance from the border - 100 miles has been suggested as a guide.

There it is - a loophole that would justify Border Patrol activity at nearly EVERY MAJOR CITY in the USA.

MOST of the major cities (Democrat-controlled) are located within 100 miles of a border - even if that border is the adjoining ocean.
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Miami
  • New York City
  • Boston
  • Seattle
  • Portland, OR
  • Washington, DC
And, many more. This could lead to sweeping out the illegals from most of their hide-in-plain-sight locations. 

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