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Nicole Scherzinger Praises Halle's Breasts

Nicole Scherzinger - Nicole Scherzinger Praises Halle's Breasts

15 March 2011 16:18:43
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Nicole Scherzinger Praises Halle's Breasts

Nicole Scherzinger thinks Halle Berry has "got a nice rack".
The Pussycat Dolls singer - who has been dating Formula 1 racing driver Lewis Hamilton for the past three years - admits she admires the bodies many fellow stars, in particular the breasts of the Oscar-winning actress and Black Eyed Peas star Fergie, who has a "tiny little bum".
In an interview with more! magazine, she said: "Do I ever get body envy? Halle Berry's got a nice rack. And Fergie's got a nice rack and she has a tiny little bum."
Despite having a curvaceous figure which is the envy of many women, Nicole is not happy with her legs and thighs - particularly after over-indulging in a range of calorific treats while on a recent trip to the UK to see Lewis.
She added: "I think you have to embrace your body and accept who you are. But I don't love my legs and thighs, I usually cover them up, especially after I've been in the UK, eating too many chips and crisps!
"I love baked beans. I love it all. I love my pasta and my chocolate. I could definitely do with toning up and eating fewer French fries."

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