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Beyonce Homecoming: Why Beyonce changes from pink to yellow - real meaning behind outfit - Mirror Online

Beyonce Homecoming: Why Beyonce changes from pink to yellow - real meaning behind outfit - Mirror Online

Beyonce Homecoming: Why Beyonce changes from pink to yellow - real meaning behind outfit - Mirror Online

Posted: 26 Apr 2019 11:28 AM PDT

Beyonce's Netflix documentary Homecoming has been pleasing her fans left, right and centre, but one thing has been bothering some of them.

The Netflix film, produced by the star, follows her rehearsal process before her 2018 Coachella performance.

Beyonce changes into five outfits throughout, all costumes made by Balmain's Olivier Rousting and she of course looks amazing.

She even took things a step further and changed her nail polish with her outfits. We really need her tip for that, we have to wait ages for our's to dry!

But with all the amazing outfit changes come questions - the main one being why does her jumper in Crazy in Love, Formation and Freedom sets change colour?

They don't actually change...that's the easy answer.

Or rather she doesn't change.

The film doc was filmed before the Coachella show after a two-year break, and the event took place over two weekends in April 2018.

While the outfits were similar there were a few changes - like the colour of her jumper changed over the weekends.

Beyonce wore a yellow jumper with BAK on it

The first weekend she wore bright yellow, the second she wore pink. The confusion comes because they look the same otherwise, with BAK on the front.

The A was changed to the sign for Delta in Greek - it means change.

Beyonce didn't say why she wore the word BAK though fans have theorised that it is also to do with the Greek symbols.

B is the first letter of her name, D is for Delta - the fourth letter of the alphabet, and four is her favourite number.

K is her maiden name, Knowles.

The actual meaning goes even further.

The idea was to highlight colleges that were established before the Civil Rights Act of 1964 for African-American students.

The logo shares similarities with HBCU sorority hours which use the Greek letters.

HBCU stands for Historically Black Colleges and Universities so this would highlight the colleges and education theme she was keen on.

Her sorority house based off the Greek would be Beta Delta Kappa.

Beyonce also wore pink

Queen B doesn't mess. The star was the first Black woman to ever headline Coachella with her performance highlighting the great work of HBCUs, feminism and the African-American community.

Yellow also represented a half time show at historically black colleges and universities.

Beyonce said in the doc that she met with Rousteing a few times to go over the outfits and make sure they referenced the themes.

In her performance she also played excerpts from Malcolm X's 1962 speech and sang Lift Every Voice and Sing - seen as the national anthem for Black people in the USA.

She also sang a sample of Nina Simone's Lilac Wine while wearing the pink jumper.

The jumpers were sold last year to raise funds for United Negro College Fund.

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