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you mad bro t shirt. You Mad Bro? by Lafosse
  • You Mad Bro? by Lafosse

  • torbjoern
    May 1, 03:35 AM
    Look at the British empire, once the most powerful empire in the world. Now I'm a second class citizen in my own country, where my government doesn't care about us, and we are laughed at by the rest of the world. Welcome to England your royal highness.

    It's no longer your country. :(

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  • Multimedia
    Nov 9, 11:27 PM
    Makes the New Core 2 Macs All The More Attractive. Closer Rosetta brings PPC apps to par with UB apps, the easier this transition will be for everyone to make sooner than later. :)

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  • you mad bro t shirt.

  • iJawn108
    Nov 13, 07:49 PM
    34C uhhhhhh!@?!!! :\

    anyone else get an insanely loud noise just before the instal?

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  • u mad bro? tshirt by Aridale

  • citizenzen
    Mar 17, 01:49 PM
    Humans that can survive on their own without depending on others.

    That is not true.

    A human newborn left out on their own would not survive.

    So someone must raise that child up to the point where it could survive on its own.

    And until that point, it would indeed "depend on others".

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  • AlBDamned
    Sep 9, 05:05 AM
    And Jones is out already! 350 is looking more and more like a target to aim for. As for the food/drinks I think that they still get stuck into whatever they want. I seem to remember Flintoff saying he was eating loads of crisps to calm his nerves at the end of one of the tests!

    Edit to add: also Warne said this (I'm sure with some sarcasm) about his performance yesterday "It shows what a fit athlete can do". I'm sure some of you remember him storming out of a press conference when he was called fat :D

    We didn't want to lose Jones so early, they need to play real smart now to stay in for a couple of hours. 350 is deffo realistic.

    BBC report said Warne 'quipped' about 'what a fit athlete can do' so sarcasm was there. Pretty funny. He's hardly a marathon runner but to bowl as much as he does still takes it out of you, though I don't think he could be a pace bowler. It's funny how close 'fit' and 'fat' are in written terms :D

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  • you mad bro t shirt. lol you

  • BigPrince
    Jan 26, 05:23 PM
    I liked the pictures. Although I cant pin point myself directly, I am in the background in one of you pictures when you were waiting inline inside.

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  • mobi
    Apr 13, 01:28 PM
    Very promising!

    you mad bro t shirt. you mad bro t shirt.
  • you mad bro t shirt.

  • Jaffa Cake
    Aug 5, 03:52 PM
    Pfff.. there are plenty of beers brewed that fall into that category that are not British. Although, probably not the best of the best but the only two british beers I have had are Boddingtons Pub Ale (Which I love to death) and Old Speckled Hen Ale (which I also really like).I tried some of the Boddingtons Pub Ale when I was in Canada a few years ago, rather different from the version we have over here.

    Today, August the 5th, is International Beer Day.What?! Why didn't we have the day off work or something? :confused:

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  • you mad bro t shirt.

  • zwida
    Sep 17, 10:21 AM
    Oct 11 works with what they told me at the Apple store: "We'll have them in-store in early to mid October."

    It's good for my wallet that they didn't have a rack of them in-store on Thursday...

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  • you mad bro t shirt. foxxs

  • kiljoy616
    Apr 27, 09:31 AM
    So its going to take how many years to bring this?:rolleyes:

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  • you mad bro t shirt.

  • mjstew33
    Apr 14, 10:25 AM
    Probably mentioned before:

    iLife '07 will have CoreAnimation at a center of it's core [probably] and that is obviously in Leopard only. iLife '07 will be released when Leopard gets released.

    Yay, more whining till Leopard. :rolleyes:

    you mad bro t shirt. U MAD BRO? by *Woof91 on
  • U MAD BRO? by *Woof91 on

  • Spyriadon
    Apr 12, 04:07 AM
    Can we get some MAC rumors this is absolutely ridiculous, the mac mini and iMac are over due for updates and you still prune the web for the smallest hint about a product that has just been re-released.

    I realize your trying to generate traffic but this is getting increasingly low.

    The front page is filled with iOS information and a little on FCP and the new Adobe suite.

    Where are the MAC rumors. :mad:

    you mad bro t shirt. You Mad Bro T Shirt.
  • You Mad Bro T Shirt.

  • j-hov
    Jan 10, 03:47 PM
    Here is mine:

    you mad bro t shirt. You+mad+ro Black, you are
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  • BWhaler
    Oct 19, 03:32 PM
    If those screenshots are real, the iCal update looks very disappointing...it looks like the iCal update is more a cosmetic update rather than a feature update. The only new feature I can see in that screenshot is something about new event notifications, but that's hardly what people have been clamoring for.

    iCal has been a disaster for 4 OS X releases now. It is, without a doubt, Apple's worse application. It's missing functionality, basic functionality, that has been in every calendaring program since 1992.

    iCal is a sad example of Apple going to far to the extreme of minimization.

    All I really wanted in the last 2 OS updates was a decent iCal. It's the only thing on the Mac that continually hurts my productivity.

    I've learned that iCal is just the price of being a Mac guy, and I don't hope for greatness. Heck, I don't even hope for mediocrity. iCal is always going to be slow, inconsistent UI and barely usable.

    I'm at peace with that fact now.

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  • u mad bro?, u mad bro,

  • slackersonly
    Nov 2, 02:43 PM
    the iPhone has the be the biggest rumor engine of them all.

    i think phasers with stun may be available sooner than this product.

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  • Search: u mad bro?

  • Popeye206
    Apr 4, 09:33 AM
    Apple will soon be #1!

    They already are in individual unit sales. But they will never be #1 in overall unit sales. Samsung, LG and others make too many different models and Apple can only make so many iPhones. They will always be #2 or #3 in overall sales unless they made drastic changes and given they are #1 in profit, I don't think they will. I think they are happy right where they are.

    you mad bro t shirt. madomg You+mad+ro+t+shirt
  • madomg You+mad+ro+t+shirt

  • Benjy91
    Apr 19, 06:32 AM
    But you know what s/he meant, right? Yes, it's a much-anticipated second generation of a phenomenally popular game, released simultaneously on PC, Mac, XBox 360 and PS3.

    Lol yes I know he meant Mac ;)

    Just playing with him

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  • you mad bro t shirt. you

  • FreeState
    Apr 12, 08:59 PM
    France is the _second_ country in Europe to ban such garments. First out was Turkey in 1997.

    Turkey is also the first Asian country to ban such garments. Turkey is a transcontinental Eurasian country:)

    you mad bro t shirt. Search: u mad bro?
  • Search: u mad bro?

  • nagromme
    Sep 29, 05:02 PM
    I've never owned a slingbox, and remote viewing is a cool feature I'll use only occasionally, but I've been VERY happy with my EyeTV Hybrid and EyeTV 2 and 3 software. I'll be buying this app for sure--I'm just waiting to let the early adopters be the guinea pigs for Eye TV 3.2 :)

    Mac OS X Ocelot
    Apr 29, 01:04 PM
    John Daily is obviously a satanist and MicroSoft/Google shill.

    Mar 25, 10:44 AM
    who needs 8gb, sheesh. i barely use 2gb of my 4gb of ram as it is. even using photoshop, I have never seen it max out.

    I call 4GB the base Minimum RAM. I have 8GB on my MacPro for CAD and Photoshop. It gives things (including OS X) room to breath, and not create loads of swap files. In other words you dont get as many damn spinning beach-balls!

    Jul 12, 09:28 PM
    Hmmmmmmm..... tempting.... oh wait, I think she reads this board... I would NEVER give her up. Never. Ever. :D :eek: :DSo are you asking her to marry you or what?

    Mar 28, 10:22 AM
    The 120 Hard drive, fantastic, about time, and you can buy it separately, Yeah i know its expensive, but if you listen to Major Nelsons podcast you'll find out why, and you get a cable to transfer the contents from your 20gig hd to the new one.

    There's no excuse for charging $180 for a 120gig 2.5" SATA hard drive. None.

    Expensive isn't the word. "Anal with no KY" is more like it. :mad:

    Nov 2, 09:21 PM
    4 phones in this family

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