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Seems Like Without Tenderness There's Something Missing...Chanel 641 Tenderly Le Vernis Nail Colour

What's the weather like on your side of the world? For the last month (yes, an entire month), I've been plagued with grey skies and/or heavy rains; the rainy season this year has been merciless.

The weather has been all gloom and showers, with a few sparse days of sunshine (on days I work of course. Curse Murphy and his law!).

Anyway, a large amount of the Summer Collections I've purchased are waiting to be shipped from the states (love you sissy), and what I do have here, I have them tucked away, waiting for brighter days for swatching.

Until then, and more fitting for the current weather, I've continued using many of the muted colored products from previous Spring Collections.

I own all three of the Le Vernis Nail Colours from the Reverie Parisienne Spring 2015, but I must say, 641 Tenderly is my favorite. I adore mute shades, and Tenderly is a beautiful muted, medium grayish-plum-mauve. I found Tenderly had a great formula and had a long wear time (about five days). Also, I loved the "no need for a top coat" high shine of the creme-jelly finish.

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