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Houston rapper D Bando dead from complication of taking the Covid vaccine booster

 Jim Oberweight


  Ounce again we have the sad news to report and it pains  us to report this as we are accuse dof cheering these deaths nut in reality we get no jollies form reporting of Covid vaccine deaths. ames rap star big dog Rapper D Bando has passed way suddenly as that he young age of and we believe the media is covering  up refusing to announce the case of death as this man is yet another victim and death from the stress of taking a vaccine which is a death warrant sentence for people with already underlying health issues  ad Bill  Gates and folks want to lessen the stress and workload of hospital staffs in the future and this may indeed be the whole purpose of this big lie of Covid.

D Bando had other underlying heath issues but coming from a Blue tard city he likely was forced to press his body and cause mucho more stress which is the clear intentions of mandating these vaccines as the clear intentions is basiclaly to depopulate the world of the fat and obese D Bando type characters that had s much to offer the world with their talents and musical mania that a D Bando was able to bring out to the world. Bando is best known for his hit rap song " Bang That Ass' and Mr Bando was bigger in Houston than the state of Texas as he lived both the American dream and the

Texan dream and wore big ass jewelry and delivered a juicy punch on the dance floor despite his problems with health that may have played a role along with his addictions and forced to take three experimental vaccines that were rushed to market to bail out the ailing and bankruptcy headed health complexes around the world. D Bando suffered a stroke last year likely from affects of his first two vaccines and which has had him hospitalized for many months and the global corporate vaccine selling and pushing mainstream media is attempting to cove rup this mans death after the turn of the year to

cover up the fact that his stoke and other health issues were brought forth by an incompetent health system tat decided Sal Bando was expendable and lulled the plug on him in their desire to depopulate the world and lessen the burden for the highly paid health professions who do nothing but bitch and complain how much workload they are given and it is too much for them. The health industrialists and  for -profiteers of injectors will not be getting a fourth or fifth shot into this man for their economic boost as D Bando is dead at the age of 26.

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