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Heroes, Villains, Divas and More...

I'm seriously going to have to get rid of some of these awards categories. It takes so long to completely my annual medal giving jamboree... here's me still trying to wrap up. I never said as much but...

I think Will Smith was really good in I Am Legend. He was definitely not phoning it in like I felt you could maybe say about I, Robot. I love that in the best (and scariest) scene, when his faithful dog runs into a dark building, he doesn't play it all macho. He looks pee-himself terrified and I'm all for that. I don't care if your character is mankind's only hope, if your life is threatened chances are you're going to be scared. The Oscar like traditional categories will have winners very soon. Until then, enjoy more "specials" with Best Hero, Villain and Diva!

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