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Favourite Mascaras

Though I know I talk about this constantly at every mascara I feature on this blog, I'll first mention what type of lashes I have and what do I look for in a mascara because in this post doesn't contain mascaras that create the biggest, most volumious lashes. These are my picks that made this selection predominantly for one thing - their ability to hold my lashes curled. While my natural lashes are averagely long and thick, so not the worst in that department, due to them growing straight, it looks like I have none until I curl them. My lashes are also hard to curl (it takes several minutes to do it, the longest part of my routine) and they refuse to hold a curl unless I wear a good waterproof mascara or a formula that's stiff, yet light. So I dislike formulas that are wet and deposit a lot of product at once, which is common for very volumising mascaras. I find L'Oreal Lash Extatic the most volumising formula I've found in recent years, but drops my lashes like a stone (regular formula) and it's pretty much useless for me. So I look mostly for waterproof or dry-ish regular formulas that don't weight down my lashes and I also look for definition rather than volume because my lashes also grow in a messy manner due to being squashed behind my glasses and I want them to look neat. 

Mascaras that do create the classic look most want, so plenty of volume fast: DIEGO DALLA PALMA My Toy Boy Mascara, ESSENCE I <3 Extreme Crazy Volume Mascara, ESSENCE Lash Princess Volume Mascara, JORDANA Best Lash Extreme Volumising Mascara and the before mentioned L'OREAL Paradise Extatic/ Lash Paradise Mascara

By the way, how I curl my lashes and what mascaras how a curl can be found in this post

This remains my favourite waterproof formula and a favourite mascara overall, so I talk about it a lot. It holds my lashes perfectly curled all day like I expect from a mascara, it creates the biggest lashes (the biggest on this list), it has the best multiplying effect because it catches individual lashes and doesn't stick them together, though there are mascaras that fan out the lashes nicer. One minus that I can live with because this is regardless an absolutely outstanding mascara, is the massive brush which almost always touches my lids during application, but otherwise I have no complaints. I've used up a lot of tubes of this and I always have one backup stock. I'm glad this keeps dodging the discontinuing frenzies by Essence. 

 This is a similar mascara to Essence's I <3 Extreme Waterproof, though it doesn't create lashes quite as big. Formula feels equally on the dry side as Essence's, it adds some volume, leaves the lashes separated a little better than Essence and keeps them curled all day. It's less volumizing than the regular version, which a recurring theme with all waterproof mascaras, but to me keeping my lashes curled is more important because no amount of volume can help me when my lashes drop and are pretty much invisible due to that. It has one advantage over Essence and that is a smaller, more manageable brush.

I was impressed by this at first try, since it's so similar to Essence and L'Oreal mascaras above. Again it holds a curl, gives enough volume and length. Only thing is that it could be better at is definition and fanning out the lashes, but it's already decent enough at that and at me the problem is my lashes are squashed behind the glasses, meaning they grow in very dishevelled fashion and fanning them out nicely is challenging to any formula. Just like the two above it lasts all day with no smudging, crumbling or other problems and it can be fully removed with an oily remover. 

Two other waterproof favourites are LANCÔME Hypnôse Custom-Wear Volume Waterproof and HELENA RUBINSTEIN Lash Queen Feline Black Waterproof, but I haven't repurchased them in years, ever since I found Essence I <3 Extreme wp.

This is my favourite regular mascara that I can get in our drugstores. It's not amazingly volumising because the formula isn't particularly thick, still it's a very good performer and it combs the lashes nicely, creates a nice fanned out effect (best on this list) and no matter how much I apply it, it doesn't got clumpy. The formula is not super wet, still it doesn't hold a curl like a waterproof formula, but it also doesn't weight my lashes completely down. It's just a nice gold classic drugstore mascara. 

Another regular formula I'm a fan of. The brush reminds me of a smaller Essence <3 Extreme waterproof one, since it's the same type of a regular wand with very dense bristles. Formula isn't gloopy or wet which is a big plus, as because of this it's not a messy mascara and it doesn't drop the lashes immediately. While it could create a bit more volume, I appreciate it’s light formula and it has a great multipying effect, since it can catch every lash. In terms of holding a curl is as good as a regular mascara can be, so it holds them up half way, which is good in my books for such a formula. 

ORIFLAME Giordani Gold Volumising Fortemente Mascara
This post was actually almost done for a month or two now and this is a last minute addition that I wanted to include. I haven't spoken about this mascara yet because I only got it a couple of days ago, but it impressed me so much, I feel it needs to be included (and then if I changed my mind about it, I'll remove it). The reason it's here: it holds a curl. So far this one is proving to be the best of the lot from the regular formulas. It leaves the lashes more stiff than others, meaning it has good hold and it's also quite good the length department as well as definition, while it's average in terms of volume. but it's still new, so it could potentially become even more volumising as it thickens. I've not experienced any smudging or crumbing with this one, so for now I find this a great mascara.

I still love this one, though it's been a while, since I've repurchased it. It creates exactly the type of lashes I like, so with a nice amount of volume and with every lash separated, plus it keeps them lifted. It's definitely one of my favourite mascaras, especially out of those with a non-waterproof formula.

Have a great day!

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