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In Theaters Today: The World's End

Now showing here in the U.S. in wide release (though at 1,548 screens), Focus Features' The World's End starring Rosamund Pike (as Sam Chamberlain), Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan, and Martin Freeman (as Sam's older brother Oliver). Directed by Edgar Wrigtht, who also created, co-written (with Simon Pegg), and directed the first two films (of the Cornetto Trilogy): Shaun of the Dead (2004) with (P&P 05's Mrs. Gardiner and Downton Abbey's Isobel Crawley) as Barbara and Hot Fuzz (2007) with Peter Wight (P&P 05's Mr. Gardiner) as Roy Porter

The World's End
The story centers on five childhood friends (played by Simon PeggNick Frost, Eddie Marsan, Paddy Considine, and Martin Freeman) going through an epic pub crawl in order to reach the fabled pub, “The World’s End”.

Watch The World's End new trailer (with screen captures of RP as well as production stills, character poster, and more!) below...

(source: Yahoo! Movies)

The World's End
Production Stills 

featuring Rosamund Pike
(source: Focus Features)

The Gang’s All Here
Putting together the Cast for THE WORLD’S END
Acting was indeed required, notes Rosamund Pike, for the many drinking scenes. She reveals, “What our merry band is drinking throughout the film was non-alcoholic; it was an interesting concoction which I believe was cream soda-based, with perhaps a hint of lemonade.”

Working Title invited Pike to participate in a read-through of the screenplay and perform the part of Oliver’s younger sister Sam – whose mere existence back in school days was enough to shore up Oliver’s place in the group. In turn, Pike’s performance in the reading was enough to shore up her place in the cast. Pegg remembers, “Afterwards, it was like, ‘We knew she was good but she’s really good.’ She went off to have a baby since we didn’t actually start shooting until eight months later, at which point she surprised us all with her fighting skills.”

Pike notes, “I knew I had to be ready for all the face-grabbing, hair-pulling, and face-pushing. The fights and the stunts work on extra levels, which is cool. These were more fun than even the ones I’ve done with swords in other movies, because these combine the very very violent and the very very funny.

“Having enjoyed their other movies, I could see what Edgar was going to do as director – with a perfect partner in [cinematographer] Bill Pope – and this new script had me laughing from the word go. We can all imagine reuniting with people we haven’t seen since school, including the one guy who hasn’t moved on. If you can’t identify that person, it’s probably you; maybe that’s what people say about me…”

Wright reveals, “Ros asked me, ‘Who’s my character based on?’ and I told Ros that Sam was actually based on an old girlfriend. Ros asked if we were still in touch; even though we dated about 21 years ago, she was still a friend. And so, Ros went to meet her for a meal in her hometown and apparently they had a whale of a time. I don’t know what they talked about and I’m not sure I want to know, but Ros came back and told me, ‘Yeah, I got it.’ Ros’ character comes off very well, so I hope my ex will be happy.

“Ros is super-‘method.’ She drank a whole prop pint. She threw herself into the action scenes, asking ‘Why can’t I do that shot?’ rather than have the stuntwoman come in.”

Pike notes, “I hadn’t done a movie with any of this group before, but everyone was inclusive; people weren’t disappearing back to trailers or dressing rooms.”

Frost reflects, “Often we would sit around and look at Rosamund’s peachy alabaster skin, which is faultless. Then we would sing to her.”

Pegg adds, “She walked into this very male environment, and was completely and utterly at home. With actors that Edgar doesn’t know from previous shoots, he takes a little more time to make them feel more at ease.”
Also, an on set/BTS photo of Rosamund Pike with director Edgar Wright...
(source: Edgar Wright | Focus Features)
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