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Bil Murray insults banking big wig executive and his wife at VIP reception

Carl Olsen
   Chicago native Bill Murray is an aging deranged member of the Hollywood hills elite who often jets his way to Chicago for events and subsidies form the Chicago corporate class. Bill Murray ahhh is in hot water ..for attacking one of his pay masters and an executive named Sean Kennedy after a performance with cellist Yo Yo man at the Chicago Symphony Center where big shots high rollers go and spend 1500 on a show to feel important , privileged and proud. Before the show Bill Murray went to the famed Billy Goat tavern and totally got wasted and downed a dozen small pink slimed cheeseburgers Greek family  eateries have long been known. It was reported that Bill Murray drank Budweiser instead of wine or some specialty  craft beer.
As dozen of fans waited after paying special perks for a after event meeting with this ultimate and so important individual and former Saturday Night alum, Bill Murray displayed an hauteur attitude towards Mr Kennedy's wife  insulting the woman and going off on her for her attitude when a time pressed Mr Murray requested group photois instead of two dozens of individual photos with these complete strangers so they can display it either on their social media sites or on a framed picture above a mantle of their hiuge fireplace.
Bill Murray told this executive bigshot Vitale couple they were  ot to be in the group picture because he wife was sour puss and gave Mr Murray trouble for his request for group photos. Bill Murray requested  for a woman be kicked out of Banktrack Hall after she took a photo of him eating a slice of sausage pizza and Mr Murray told Sean Kennedy to quit taking pictures of Bill Murray on his phone while he waited in line for th ehonor of seeing and speaking to the famed movie star of such hits as CaddyShack, Ghostbusters, Animal House, and that bad submarine movie he did as an old chap. It was the Vitale couple that Bill Murray especially berated and humiliated and Bill Murray may be in a bit of trouble messing with the uoeor banking class member of Chicago and as a dog wild Bill should not bite the hand that feeds him and pays homage to his history and accolades from his participation in bad comedies that no longer get made

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