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L'Oreal Skin Perfection Serum & Moisturiser

I've been using these products since the past few weeks now and they have worked amazingly for my skin, so I thought it was time for a review. Can I just say that the past few weeks have have so hectic with guests at my place, with work overload and amidst that, being super involved in a friends wedding. I am mentioning this as all this could have stressed out my skin, considering I've run out of my beloved Effaclar Duo. But it didn't thanks to this ingenious duo which I've been using morning and night.

Isn't the ombre hot pink packaging super girly and sleek? It is a heavy glass packaging so feels like lush, high end skincare. So what I understand is that the products are made for normal to combination skin in general and particularly geared towards achieving HD skin by minimising the appearance of pores. Regardless of your hectic lifestyle, it's made to help your skin look amazing and pixel perfect without makeup.

The Advanced Correcting Serum is to die for. In simple words I cannot live without it and will be stocking up as soon as I run out of it. It's got a lovely dewy, iridescent formula with light reflecting particles that help bounce off light from the face. You can get it for under £15 I believe and the formula is just brilliant. It instantly revives tired, dull skin and makes skin look just young and fresh. I can definitely see close ups of my skin looking better as this gives the illusion of smaller pores. It doesn't feel tight or dry on the skin after use. Although it sinks in the skin quickly, sometimes at night when my skin feels hydrated, I just use this on its own paired with some eye cream. All you normal, combination skin girls - you need this in your life. 

The Correcting Day Moisturiser is fabulous especially when used with the serum. It's perfectly hydrating without leaving skin sticky or oily. It sinks into the skin quite nicely and leaves it supple and plump. Again, it's got a natural dewy finish which works at lifting tired, dull skin and giving it that pick-me-up it needs in the morning. I believe this would suit oily skin girls too as it hasn't broken me out. Soft and fluffy to use, you get a tonne of product in the pot and is worth every single penny spent. 

My verdict, get it now! I want to repurchase both but I have moisturisers that I need to use up before I do that. For now, I think I'll be getting myself the serum. 

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