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Korres Plum Lip Butter in Plum

Hey gorgeous!

Here's another treat my sis brought home from Australia...

Korres Plum Lip Butter in Plum

She has quite a number of Korres Products that I got to try and this one she gave to me. For those of you who aren't familiar yet with Korres, it is a Greek brand that offers makeup and skin care using organic ingredients.

Anyway, my sister really loves this lip butter so she wanted me to try it. And upon trying it, I fell in-love!

But first, some info about it:

(from the website)

Ideal for chapped lips
0,21Fl. Oz.6mL 

Why Shea Butter? 

Shea butter has been traditionally used in Africa by native soap manufacturers to protect skin and hair from the harsh climate. It’d also been a well known baby pampering treat, intended to protect newborns from extreme weather. Recent findings claim that Shea butter protects the skin against climate and UV aggression; helps preventing wrinkle formation; soothes irritated and chapped skin and moisturises the epidermis. 

So this lip butter doesn't come with an applicator so it's better to use a lip brush or a cotton bud/Q-tip in getting the product. This is better than dipping your fingers in the pot for hygienic purposes. :)

This lip butter is very pigmented compared to other lip butter's I've tried. It also has a glossy finish and the scent is so yummy! This is available in 6 other shades too (Quince, Mango, Pomgrenate, Guava, Jasmine, Wildrose).

Here's a picture of my bare lips:

and my lips with the product applied:

I like that the color suits my skin well and it really made my lips look moisturized. If you have chapped lips, it quickly gets rid of it. I swear!

My only downside for this is that since the color is strong, I can't put on lipstick on top of it anymore, especially the lighter shades, which I usually do to avoid my lips from drying. I still need a nice colorless balm with me.

I'm not so sure of its price since this was just given to me by my sis and this, I think, is still not available in the country. If it is, please do tell me! :)

So, have you tried this product yet?
What lip butters do you use?


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