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Secret with Aunty's hair

Firstly as far as i remember i think my fascination for long hair started because of a distantly related aunt,(who was a widow and since my parents had decided to take care of her after her husband's death, she stayed with us in our house). She was pretty, fair and most importantly had extremely long , jet black hair falling as long as till a little above her knees and the best part about it being the thickness ...it was so thick that it was actually at times not possible for her to hold all of it in both her hands together.

This aunt had a habit to shampoo her hair every wednesdays & sundays and dried them by flowing them from over the edge of the bed under the fan, while she slept in the aftrenoon, followed by brushing when she woke up ..... My time to return from high school and her time to nap and dry her hair under the fan was the same. I always liked staring at her hair, every wednesday & sunday noon,when i returned from school but as a child, never had the guts to touch them. This routine went on for years. As i grew into my teens, i started feeling aroused by that sight.

One wednesday my aunt was all alone in the house and as usual after her routine shampooing, she left her long hair flowing from the edge of the bed to dry under the fan and went off to sleep.On my return from school,i was already excited as it was wednesday and i would get to see her long thick hair.So i rushed back home.There she was predictably sleeping in her room with her gorgeous mane flowing like a waterfall from the edge of the bed.Suddenly,for some strange reason, I had this strange urge to touch and feel her hair for the first time,so i thought about it for some time while staring at her hair and then took my chance and went to her room,there she was deep in her sleep,with all that gorgeous very silky extra long thick hair lying there from the edge of the bed getting dried under the fan,looking so inviting and waiting to be touched and felt.

But i wasn't sure what i was going to do,so i just stood next to all that long hair staring at it so closely still feeling very scared to touch them afraid i might wake her up.My heart was beating like a drum,and i was feeling terribly nervous,so i gathered my guts and decided to touch her hair,...i slowly waived my hands over that gorgeous silky hair from the lower end and checked to see if she woke up but she didn't so i got more courageous and held a lot of her hair with both my hands...and started carressing and rubbing that hair in my hands.....

unintentionally i had the tightest hard on i had felt till that day....and that was when i realised that probably my dick wanted to feel that hair too.....but i could not dare to do that as probably it was too risky.....but i just could not help that hard on and my feelings for that long hair at that time....so i slowly pulled out my dick from my pants and took about 5-6 inches of the hair i was holding in my hands and waived the gorgeous mane over my penis and suddenly i knew that my dick wanted more ....so for the first time i tried wrapping my penis with that hair and was experiencing heaven...my hard on was only getting harder...soon i gathered all of her flowing hair in a pony with both my hands moved my right hand to the lowest part of her hair which was still very thick and inserted my penis in that middle and started stroking it and inspite of me so excited and playing with her hair she was still fast asleep.

so i just went on and on...soon i had a thick silky at least 10-15inches of her hair on my penis and i was enjoying my first hair job in life...i kept rubbing my dick with all that hair........ up and down...left and right......up and down........ my penis had never felt so good before...soon i was almost about to shoot my wad into her hair...even though the tempation was the strongest ...i controlled myself and moved away...despite that there was still some part of my semen which did leak out during my rubbing her hair on my dick and i only realised it after about half an hour later when she woke up and was brushing her hair...she told my granny that "today inspite of shampooing my hair...my hair is still quite unmanageable..i wonder why??It isn't getting detangled easily"..it soon became the norm that every wednesday i used to give my penis a nice hair job with her hair and every wednesday it was difficult for her to detangle.At times if i was too desperate, i used to even risk the routine on sundays....

Later once she even caught me when i was enjoying a hair job...but that's another story... which i will let you know if you guys wish to hear more

My aunt shampooed and fan-dried her hair only on Wed & Sun. So these 2 days of the week, became my hair-job days, when I would sneakily get into her room and enjoy her hair, till I reached orgasm. My confidence in jerking off with her hair grew with time and I started getting over confident with the idea that it is a fixed routine and I will enjoy it for the rest of my life.

One weekend we had guests (relatives) at our house and they arrived on a Saturday evening. My parents started making room adjustments, and my room was handed over to one of the guests, as a result I was thrown out of my room. I would have to sleep in the living room

Next day was Sunday, so as per routine, at noon, I awaited my aunt to shampoo and dry her hair.She did follow her routine and as expected shampooed that gorgeous long thick black hair and returned into her room to fan dry her hair. I was watching her every move from the corner of my eye and waiting for her to fall asleep. My heart beating faster with the excitement of my usual hair job, my hard on was almost showing from my pants with the thought of being able to touch all that hair. She held all that thick long wet hair and and lied down on the bed with all that gorgeous hair flowing down from the corner of the bed.My hard on just got harder. Suddenly from nowhere, two of our guests came into her room and coaxed her into coming outside with the rest of the guests for a nice chat, for some time, to catch up on old times.

I wanted to beat the crap out of those two for doing that to me when I was so hardened in my pants. I almost felt like telling those guests to leave her alone. But to my bad luck, she skipped her sleep and went outside to chat with them. I knew that if I missed Sunday’s chance the next one would only be on Wednesday afternoon. I felt so high and dry that I didn’t know what to do?? I was seriously disappointed and went off to sleep.

After dinner, when it was time to sleep, I was still frustrated from afternoon and was a little too open about it. I showed disgust to my dad about sleeping in the living room. Just then my aunt walked into the argument and started enquiring about why I was upset and dad told her why. To my good luck, my aunt immediately offered me to sleep in her room ‘With Her’ till the guests were gone. I jumped at the idea and immediately started imagining what my nights could be with all that HAIR for the next 3-4 days???

I immediately took my bedding and lay it right under her bed on the floor in the exact same spot where I had my hair play with her every Wed & Sun. I acted as if I was very sleepy and immediately covered my face with a blanket, waiting to see if I get my chance with the hair in the night or not?? The anxiety was giving me a hard on but I wasn’t sure if I was gonna get them?? So I waited for the lights to go off. I wasn’t even sure which side of the bed would she sleep on. So I waited for about half hour after the lights went off and then I got up from my bed and I saw that she did sleep on the side of the bed that I wanted her to, but all that gorgeous hair was tied up in a massive bun!

I was disappointed, as I had no idea as to how to work on that bun. As a pre-planning measure I had already carried my small torch lamp with me. So I quickly turned on my torch and what I saw in front of me in that darkness was a huge round hair bun held together by 2 hairpins! Even in that darkness the bun looked huge and made me imagine all the good times I have had with that hair. Immediately, I decided,that I have to get to that hair and for that even if I had to open up that bun I was going to do it. So I started thinking about how to go about it and how difficult it was going to be along with the risk involved in waking up my aunt. I thought of all the risk angles and all I could think of was to get my hard on into that hair and stroking away up and down! up and down! .I knew I had to do it!

So I put the torch into my mouth and my shivering hands went towards the first pin. I gathered my guts and started tugging at it, with a little effort I managed to pull it out. I lay my hands on the 2nd pin and started tugging at it, this time my aunt started to move a bit even though she was a deep sleeper. I stopped and my heart was beating faster than ever. I resumed tugging slowly and with very shivery hands I finally did manage to pull out the 2nd pin. I thought the hair would come gushing down like water flows out of a broken dam, but it didn’t. Only a loose thick but long end opened up and came into my hands, so i wondered what was wrong and then I realized she had made a few of those hair knots.

It was getting riskier by the minute, but I just knew,that I had to take my chance. I decided to push the hair the other way round from the loose end of the knot to release the bun. I gently pushed my way into the bun and then pulled at it at times going with my gut feeling and my hard on getting harder by the minute. The gorgeous hair felt great!I had managed to loosen a lot of her bun, but it still didn’t open up. I was so upset that in a fit of anger I actually hit the hair bun a little hard and Voila!!! The hair came flowing down like a waterfall, in that darkness my heart beat faster than ever before. My hard on was rock solid and put my torch light on that hair and I could see at least 3 feet wide thick hair, at least 5 feet long shiny and silky hair inviting my hands and my hard on for a treat.

I couldn’t wait a minute more i slowly waived my hands over that gorgeous silky hair from the lower end and then held a lot of her hair with both my hands...and started carressing and rubbing that hair in my hands.....i had the tightest hard on.....so i slowly pulled out my dick from my pants and took all of the 3 feet width of that hair, i was holding in my hands and waived the gorgeous mane over my penis and i then wrapped my penis with that hair and was loving the feeling of silk on my hard on It only got harder...soon i gathered all of her flowing hair in a pony with both my hands moved my right hand to the lowest part of her hair which was still very thick and inserted my penis in that middle and started stroking it .I just went on and on.

Soon i held all her hair from close to the nape and actually shoved most of her hair through the top of my t-shirt and upto inside my pyjamas soon my entire body was experiencing all that gorgeous mane.I enjoyed for at least 15-20 minutes with that thick silky hair on my penis and i was enjoying...i kept rubbing my chest,my penis with all that hair........ up and down...left and right......up and down........ my penis was having a ball.I could not take it anymore and this time I was prepared so I immediately wore a condom and jerked away with that hair on my penis. It was pure labour of love! Oh sweet hair-gasm....By the way, this hair-gasm happened thrice that night one of the best nights in a hair fetishists life.

Now comes the bad part !

After my third hairjob, I realized it was going to be morning and I should probably put all the hair back in it’s place like nothing happened. Trouble was I didn’t know how to tie up that hair back in a knot and with the two pins. When I saw in the morning light her hair was a mess. A mess created by me.I was so gonna die, if she found out and I didn’t even know what I would tell her, if she confronted me! So I quickly just gathered up all her hair and put it all together in a ball and shoved the two pins in it and quickly went off to sleep.

Next morning, when I woke up she was right there in the room sitting and reading a newspaper. My heart was beating fast and my penis was aching from the previous night's hard work.She decided to confront me immediately and asked me to explain "how did her bun open up on it’s own and how did her hair get so messy??". She also threatened me that if I didn’t tell her the truth she would go straight to my dad and complain. So I decided to tell her the truth and even told her that I don’t know why do I get so attracted to her long hair

She heard me out first and then very relaxingly told me “ This is known as hair fetish”. A lot of people in the world have it. It wasn't unheard of esp.not by her.I asked her “why is that ?” that’s when she told me that her late husband had a long hair fetish when he was alive and that was her reason for keeping her hair long. I told her I was sorry and requested her not to complain to my parents.

She thought for a moment and said that she would not complain to my parents but only on one condition, the condition was that I promise to brush her hair every Wednesday & Sunday after her shampooing in her room (secretly) as that was something she found really boring to do and sometimes when my parents weren't there i would also help her with the shampooing .I could not believe my ears, I had a smile on my face and she had a smirk on hers. She said that would remind her of her husband as he used to do that for her when he was alive,but that would have to be our BIG secret!

That was a beginning of a peacefully coexisting hair fetish relationship with my aunt. I had some amazing times…

I had a great time the next sunday .Iasked my aunt toput my dick into her hair but she refused as I spoil her hair with my cum.But I asked aunt that I am going to cum before her head bath.So aunt agreed.As I am Putting my dick aunt smiled at seeing my fetishness.But aunt was so fascinated of my dick that she pleaded me that she want it.I agreed .From that time I am satisfied with hair sex where as aunt satisfied by real sex and me too.And then aunt agreed to fuck her hair even after her bath because aunt know that I cum more in silky soft hair rather than normal hair to fill her mouth.She used to wrap my dick with her long and silky hair and stroke with her hands up and down right and left and putting my dick into her mouth she can get a lot of cum to satisfy her. And I fucked my aunt many times and my cum filled her pussy ,mouth and hair.

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