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Through Sun Showers...Bath & Body Works' Summer Rain & Linen Shower Gel

Well, I started off the month of October being sick. Then, that sickness turned into a pneumonia (a first for me!). My body bounced back in time for my friends' visit. Now, my friends are back home, and I'm sick again. I feel as if my immune system is in a permanent cycle of "wash, rinse and repeat."

I'm so behind on blog posts. I've photographed, and swatched about 25% of my Autumn posts. I really need to kick my own ass, and get them done! 

Bath & Body Works'
Summer Rain & Linen was September's shower gel, and its notes are: Lakeside Breeze (whatever that is), Sheer Linen, Summer Apple, and Key Lime. 

Another lovely warm-weather, long-gone, limited edition scent I enjoyed, and would most-likely repurchase. 

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