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Selena Gomez's 'Love You Like a Love Song' music video: Watch it here

With pop music, you know what’s fun? Watching a starlet come into her own. And that’s exactly what’s happening with Disney delight and Justin Bieber love Selena Gomez, who just released the video for her newest pop jam, “Love You Like a Love Song,” from her latest album, When the Sun Goes Down.
From the start—which finds a hugely, beautifully coiffed Ms. Gomez being called up on stage at an Asian karaoke joint to sing her song the clip is pure candy, a light-and-fluffy treat. She has a lot of fun with the karaoke theme, as we see her morph through several different, visually stunning scenes during the song, with lyrics on the screen to boot.
My favorite Selena iteration? When she’s singing/riding in the convertible with her James Dean-ish man, mostly because of the seriously sultry cat-lady glasses she wears. (There’s some other killer eye wear in the clip, too.) The whole thing just screams: Fun!
Watch here:

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