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Purple Reign

This season’s purple palette is not just for your wardrobes. The A-list’s beauty bags are bursting with violets, lilacs and mauves too. See how they’re wearing the hottest hue to get inspiration for your beauty-full colour update.Here Thandie is wearing purple eyshadow that is so subtle it seems to illuminate her eyes.  Notice the rest of Thandie’s makeup is muted and soft, even her hair takes second place to the purple shadow.  Yet the whites of her eyes are just that — white, and her eyes do not look bruised.  This ladies is the way to wear purple.
you can try : 
Nars Duo Eye ShadowJolie Poupee
Try Dior Powder Mono Eyeshadow in Amber Plum

Barry M: Pearly Mauve (dd90)
Blue Violet (dd21)
Lilac (dd59)

Becca Cosmetics Jewel Dust, Erzulie (shimmering light violet)
L'Oreal Colour Appeal Holographic eyeshadow Ultra Violet
Clarins Mono Eyeshadow - 01 Vibrant Violet colour
Rimmel Special Eyes Passion Purple Eye Shadow

Bourjois Volume Clubbing Eye Liner (VIOLET IRRISI OR)
Givenchy Prisme Again! Eyeshadow Quartet (Purple Emotion )
Urban Decay eyeshadow in Flash

 Do you rock purple eyeshadow?  How do you wear it?  What’s your favorite brand?  Share! comment

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