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Perfect Glossy Red Lips

I always been a fan of a red lips yet the idea of something that toooo red can be a bit overwhelming nor the confident in walking in one. So by having thoughts like that, I'm making a glossy red lips instead by using Lancome and Nivea.

L'Absolu Creme De Brillance from Lancome is enough for moisture and hydration 10 hours straight but in terms or that wet look, Nivea does it. A layer of Lancome followed by Nivea would do this trick, deeper shade or red of Lancome and glossy wet lips by Nivea, suitable for daily look or on a got date ^____^

Why this two a perfect combination? Lancome was able to fill in all the gaps of the lips really well, so when I apply Nivea the surface already smooth, just need a bit more slippery heehee.

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