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Natasha Raskin Bargain Hunt

Natasha Raskin Bargain Hunt

Natasha Raskin was one of the antiques experts from Bargain Hunt. She was chosen to appear on a special episode of the show. This episode was special because there was an added forfeit attached to it for the expert that was representing each team. Natasha’s team was pitted against one of the male antiques experts that regularly appeared on shows if this type. The losing team’s expert would face a messy punishment. Natasha really did not want to lose this time. Unfortunately for her, there was no way of telling what the items that each team had chosen to purchase would fetch at auction. Many of her fellow antiques experts were hoping that she would be on the losing side, however, especially, the male ones. 

Natasha and her team feverishly looked around the boot sale to find really good items to sell. Like many of the episodes of the show, however, they could only find really mediocre items that were slightly overpriced. Her opponent was finding the same. When Natasha’s opponent’s items went up for sale, they netted a ten pound loss. Although she didn’t know it, all Natasha’s items had to do was not lose money. This was not to be the case, however, her team’s items lost forty pounds. Of course, neither team knew this at this point. 

They were gathered, as usual, at the end of the show to hear the results. Tim, the host began to give them. “Well Natasha’s team did not fair too well. They lost forty pounds. You never know that may be a winning score. That wasn’t too bad actually. The blue team, on the other hand lost money as well, but they only lost ten pounds, making them the winners.” Natasha’s eyes widened and her jaw dropped. She laughed, realizing that she had just lost. “Oh dear, Natasha, how embarrassing,” Tim said. “It is embarrassing. I can only imagine what my fate will be,” she said. She chuckled anyway.

Almost instantly, a chair was brought out and Natasha was made to sit in it. She was roaring with nervous laughter at this point. Tim then spoke to the winner. “ I am sure that you will take no pleasure whatsoever in dumping mess all over this lady’s head.” “This is a fantasy fulfilled for sure,” the winning team’s expert said. “All of the other antiques experts will be watching at home and loving this.” “Oh my gosh, I just can’t believe it,” Natasha said. She shook her head and laughed. Natasha wore black tights and a black dress. She made a funny face, bracing herself. 

Her opponent began by taking a container filled with spaghetti hoops. She lowered her head a bit in preparation. She squealed as he began to wildly dump the spaghetti hoops over her. The sloppy mess dumped onto her. It poured on her head and onto her face. More poured down in between her breasts into her dress.  He then raised the back of her dress and pulled out the back of her tights. He proceeded to pour the remainder of the spaghetti hoops down the backs of her tights. She screeched as he let go, feeling spaghetti hoops inside of her tights and dress. Indeed she could feel some in her underwear. She swung her head, sweeping her hair back. She laughed as she pushed away some of the spaghetti hoops. 

Custard was next on the menu for Natasha Raskin. Her fellow expert was loving the chance that he was given to do this to her. He was an unattractive, nerdy sort of guy. He had always found her quite attractive and wanted to do something like this to her. She looked forward and shut her eyes as he dumped custard over her. In an instant, she became almost invisible behind a wall of custard. The custard splashed in all directions. It covered her head and shoulders. It splattered her entire body. Both of the teams roared with laughter as they watched Natasha get messed by the victor.

He then began to squeeze chocolate syrup all over her. She looked up, shrugged her shoulders and comically rolled her eyes as chocolate sauce was squeezed over her.  It dripped down the bridge of her nose and cheeks. It then dripped from her chin and eye brow area. She shook her fingers as chocolate rolled down her arms and chest. She scrunched up her nose. She stomped her feet. She was roaring with laughter throughout. She was finding the whole thing hilarious. “Oh no, this is so messy,” she squealed. She puffed up her cheeks and ran her hands through her mess hair. She looked like she had just been in a mess shower. She continued to laugh hysterically. “I can’t believe this,” she laughed.

Next he decided to use leftover shepherd’s pie on her. It was piled high onto a paper plate. It was about five inches high of mince, gravy, peas, carrots, mash and cheese.  It looked repulsive, as if it had been sitting out a week. It did not smell very appetizing either. He smiled and, before, she could react, he pushed the plate into her face. She almost fell back off of the chair as he wildly smushed the mess into her face. He grabbed the back of her head pushed her face into it. He then smushed what remained onto the top of her head. She was subjected to a face full of the rotten shepherd’s pie. Her mouth was wide open as mash, peas and mince fell from her face. “There was onions and mushrooms in that too, I’ll have you know,” she commented. 

Next, because Natasha’s Scottish heritage, she was going to be treated to some haggis accompanied with suede and mash. “Haggis, no way. You are not really going to pour haggis over my head are you?,” she laughed. “You know what, bring it on. A little haggis never hurt anyone,” she joked. All of the Scottish dinner was all served on a large dinner plate. It was very cold and very messy looking though. He raised it in the air over the antiques expert. He turned it over and pushed it down onto the top of her head. The haggis rained over her face and body. The mash and suede smeared all over her face, hair and dress.  She shook her head, allowing the lose bits of food to fall from her face. A huge lump of haggis stuck to the side of her face. She was experiencing haggis in a way she never would have dreamed of. 

“So, Natasha, how was that? You look a bit messy?,” Tim joked. “Yeah, I would say so. I have haggis on my head,” she said slowly. “It was hilarious though, really,” she laughed. “I hope you all enjoyed that,” she joked as she stood up, knocking away some of the mess that piled on her body. “I think everyone will agree this has been the most enjoyable episode of Bargain Hunt ever. Yes? Yes,” Tim said closing the showing. Natasha rolled her eyes and looked at him.

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