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Nail Polish Collection | China Glaze

Continuing from my nail polish storage post, today I will start showing you my nail polish collection. I have categorized the polishes by brand and first up is China Glaze. I've been hooked on China Glaze nail polishes ever since I bought the first one, Awakening over two years ago. Most of the formulas are very easy to work with and I think China Glaze is always on the forefront of new trends as far as nails are concerned. These are all my China Glaze polishes: (polish descriptions and swatches all from left to right)

Westside Warrior (Metro Downtown - Fall 2011) - hunter green crème
Trendsetter (Metro Downtown - Fall 2011) - true mustard with a green undertone and tiny gold flakes
Traffic Jam (Metro Uptown - Fall 2011) - bright raspberry crème
Jungle Queen (On Safari - Fall 2012) - dark greyish purple with a lighter purple shimmer running through. A possible dupe to Chanel Paradoxal
Kalahari Kiss (On Safari - Fall 2012) - light mustard crème
Sunset Sail (Anchors Away - Spring 2011) - nude peach with tiny pearlescent flakes
Sea Spray (Anchors Away - Spring 2011) - baby blue crème with a grey undertone
For Audrey (Something Blue 2007) - Tiffany blue crème
Flip Flop Fantasy (Poolside - Spring/Summer 2010) - neon coral crème
Lemon Fizz (Up & Away - Spring 2010) - pastel yellow crème
Second Hand Silk (Immaterial Gurl - Summer 2008) - baby pink crème
Awakening (Urban Chic - 2005) - purple/pink duo-chrome with bronze shimmer all throughout
Princess Grace (Monte Carlo) - soft lilac pearl
Not In This Galaxy (Holographic - 2013) - rosy pink with a red undertone. Holographic reflects visible from certain angles
Ring In The Red (Let It Snow - Holiday 2011) - medium round and fine red glitters suspended in a transparent red jelly base
Snowglobe (Let It Snow - Holiday 2011) - large and smaller iridescent hex glitters in a transparent jelly base
Lubu Heels (The Perfect Pair) - fine red glitter suspended in black jelly base
Midnight Kiss (Holiday 2010) - gold foil
Get Carried Away (Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away - December 2012) - a mix large silver and red hex glitters plus small black and silver glitters and black bar glitter in a black jelly base
It's A Trap-Eze (Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away - December 2012) - large multi-coloured hex glitters and small multi-coloured round glitters in a milky white base
Crackle Glaze Broken Hearted (Crackle Glaze - Spring 2011) - shocking pink crackle effect polish

Do we have any China Glaze colours in common? Any other shades you recommend?

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