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Central Illinois native retard Travis Reinking shoots up a Waffle House as David Pakman makes this a racial issue

Wally Jackson
   Travis Reinking was in Nashville and decided to shoot up a waffle House shooting a dozen people and killing some. The opioid addict had trouble coping with the move from Central Illinois to Nashville and for some reason he decided to take his frustration out on a dive waffle House whose workers were quick to repair and clean and get this dumpy chain back and running as quickly as possible. Reinking was crazier than a crab without a claw having gone to Nashville to seek Taylor Swift and try to court her bu to a arranged celebrity marriage. This mans bat works at about a fifth of a fruit fly and its a shame he didn't receive the help he so obviously needed.
Travis had a ton of guns that the FBI seized let allowed to return to this deranged young mans father who of course promptly returned the guns to his son in their tight-knit household. This dude should not have had gun and was seriously loco and now you got members of the left that are suggesting this is a hate crime because the victims were minorities and the shooter is white.
 Waffle Houses are among the worse of the worse of the restaurant low-wage corporate business and Travis attacked this Waffle House in Nashville out of the blue and the random attack illustrates the disturbing trend the psychological troubled individuals are capable of turning terrorist over night. Workers put on the brink of hard work by the oligarchs controlling everything and this Travis worked in the construction field an occupation known to put insurmountable workloads on its workers and is not some easy gig of talking in a studio. Mr Pakman is far form the opioid base of Tenseness in his Boston over-priced and value area and he can make assertions on the motivation of the Waffle House shooter without a shred of evidence. David Pakman's attack on this look-alike Central Illinois hick who shot up this Waffle Mart is typical of the ostentatious and  obnoxious viewpoint of Americas urban class and something a tri-citizen like Argentine and Isralie Davis Pakman would say on his award-losing lousy podcast.
Travis Reinking should of been locked up with a white jacket following his attempt to storm the White House and meet with Trump but the federal government has cut so many services and ability to treat and house these people in a humanely way because they wish to give the shit like Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos tax breaks so they can buy 29 mansions across fly-by country. The real issue of mental illness is of individuals who cannot buy out their displeasure and illness like others of wealthy incomes and inheritances and even those individuals can explode as seen in last summers Vegas City shootings. I just wish some of these crazies would mark and stalk the plutocratic business leaders and wealth hoarders instead of average citizens.

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