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The pivotal year of 1763 written by Colin Calloway

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   The Treaty of Paris created new boundaries in North America and the transformation of the continent and the consequences of this war ending is the basis of a book called "Scratch Of A Pen" by Colin Calloway. The new oh diaries and laws would set in a motion a chain of reaction to further conflict between I Diana and Settlers and lead to the Revolutionary War. This book is basically about life in 1763 and how the French defeat would affect new relationships in North America that had to be established and the first chapter looks at how there was Indians living East of the royal proclamation line and settlers living West despite being told they were illegal invaders of rightful Indian lands. Settler hunger for the remaining Native land East is written in the chapter called contested lands as at this crucial year where British settlers numbered two million and were being supplanted by more mass immigration. Calloway reflects that Pontiac's rebellion was the first war for American independence in a desperate attempt by Natives to throw off the British intruders who jumped into old French forts immediately following the Treaty of Paris. T
he increase cost of British patrol of these forts and fighting both the French and Pontiac's alliance would lead to massive debt and increased taxation that the settlers would find disconcerting some years later. As the author points out 1763 was a major year in history for the America heartland and saw a rare white-white ethnic cleansing as French Acadians were transported out of Nova Scotia. The anger and reaction to King Georges proclamation 
Is examined through several historical figures in America through future presidents to major chiefs. The author sees the viewpoints of new boundaries through the various powers whether they be Spanish, French, Native, British leaders through this immaculate year that forever changed the direction the landscape and future would hold in North America. The migration of people towards Detroit and St Louis in this period was a direct result of boundary changes and the new political landscape order after the end of French influence. Canada would become entirely British and many French would move increasing the small communities of New Orleans and St Louis into becoming larger settlements and eventually cities. This book is another great history book on resulting consequences of changing boundaries due to wars and empires conflicting and clashing over land that didn't belong to them.

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