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My Guess Wallet

My last wallet is officially unusable in terms of being too painful to even looked at, really all the sides are going rampage. For me it's too embarrassing to use that one. I bought it at 30$ deal from Esprit and it served me for a short 1 year period. But learning for those times I know I need a bigger wallet, got so many membership here and there so it is too unrealistic to have either smaller or the same size. Mine have officially blown up.

So my friend bought me a Guess wallet that exactly like hers, yes, two of us are bff! It's my birthday month and she gave me this. Thank you, sel ^_^

The inside is spacey, perfect for many cards . . . and cash (hopefully). Love the exterior that seems better than fake leather that easily chapped off. The zipper is smooth sailing and again, love the space and details. Okay, I just love my new wallet, okay.

The handy back side for anything simple and practical so you don't need to open the whole thing is just perfect. Love it to the max, for now, . . . I hope it will last more than a year.

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