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James Crutchfield and the Taos uprising in New Mexico

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   James Crutchfield writes about the 1847 insurrection in New Mexico where Taos Indians and Mexicans tried to end the American occupation of new Mexico during the Mexican war. This campaign didn't last long but was a rare united front against the takeover and occupation of Santa Fe and the Southwest. On the morning of January 19, 1847 in the village of Don Fernando De Taos Charles Bent was assassinated after after a few months being appointed governor of this territory of mainly Indians and Mexicans who did not want to be controlled by Americans. The New Mexican and Taos Indian uprising is something overlooked in American textbooks and scored were killed after these initial attacks and the reprisal by American invaders of this territory. The New Mexicans rose up but after two months this alliance would meet its doom after a siege inside a church at Taos Pueblo. many Indians and new Mexicans would be quickly tried and hanged . This book offers detail accounts of the major battles with clear illustrations and maps of battles along with historic pictures of key figures from all sides of this quick conflict long forgotten in the annuals of the settling of the Southwest. This is a historical account to as how this state was added to the Union and the battles that were fought to quickly quell the discontent of American occupation and takeover. Crutchfield shows how the notion that New Mexicans quickly warmed up and accepted American suzerainty as been false and it took a brutal uprising and mopping up operations to dispel this myth. The major events leading up to this uprising is explained and as I said this book is full of cool pictures and graphs throughout the book fitted neatly that makes this book a pleasure to read. Every page brought the prospects of another old photograph or drawing giving the reader an in depth look at the environment of this time period. By also having these numerous pictures and battle charts throughout the book it works to keep good reference points reading it and this book is an excellent source to this rare Indian war of the Southwest that took part as a  minor campaign to a larger border frontier war between Mexico and the United States.

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