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Angels With Fashion Modeling In Wedding

Girls, like an angel going down from heaven, are the most beautiful and charming females in the world on their wedding day. With a pure white wedding dress, a delicate make-up as well as a special fashion hairstyle, you will be extraordinarily beautiful. As the representative of all wedding styles, Euro-American styles feature with simplicity. It means that they are eager to liberty in born. What’s more, simplicity is a unique way to convey beauty. Of course, different wedding styles will reduce unusual feeling in different people.

 Sexy and messy hairstyle and natural make-up
It will astonish you to hold a wedding with a “wake-up” hairstyle. However, you can appreciate some T-stage models’ beautiful fashion hairstyles. This messy hairstyle is totally diverse from rocking hairstyle. This fashion wedding hairstyle is fluffier in hair, smoother in hand feeling and brighter in color. It should be accompanied with a natural make-up without thick foundation. You can brush some colors close to your skin and dark red, brown eye shadow.

 Elegant sweet setting hairstyle and nude make-up
The key point to this wedding hairstyle is the bun with a certain fluffy feeling. You need to twist all hairs into a big wave before you set the bun. Thus it can build an elegant and romantic feeling. You should brush a nude natural and refreshing make-up.

 Cute Bob and sweet Lolita make-up
Actually, long hair can be also made into Bob hairstyle. You can set all hairs from the bottom and fix them inside. When making this, you are required to pay attention to keep its smoothness. As for your make-up, you should protrude the Lolita feeling with cute pink blusher and slight smoky eyes as well as attractive lip.

 Short hair side combed and princess accessories
Many brides worry about their short hairs to make a fascinating fashion hairstyle. However, short hairstyle can also serve as simple as well as pretty like this. All hairs are combed to a side and fixed with a hairpin. What’s more, you can wear some princess accessories to build a romantic and dreamlike feeling and cover the rigid feeling of short hairs.

Bun and bright hairpin Lately, bun hairstyle has won girls high praise. Setting all hairs into a single and simple bun gives us a refreshing feeling. Moreover, the hair on the forehead is fluffy enough to shape an elegant and calm image. Wearing some bright hairpins on the bun can lighten your whole modeling.

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