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Rituals 24H Hydrating Gel Cream - For Normal to Combination Skin

Who isn't always on the lookout for a moisturiser eh? Well I always am. I've tried tonnes till date and only liked a few unfortunately. This particular one by Rituals makes it to the blog as it's quite good really. It funnily feels so cool and refreshing on application and smells of cucumbers. The consistency of it is super light and fluffy and although looks like a cream, it feels pretty much of a gel consistency on the skin. I mean rich, balmy moisturisers are my favourite to resort to after a long day at work and a thorough cleansing routine but in the mornings, I love products like these that are fast absorbing so I can work with make-up on top easily and hydrating at the same time to quench that chapped, dry skin and prevent flaked skin from making an appearance in the middle of the day.

I feel there is something in this product however that broke me out when I initially started using it but as I used it more and more, my skin has adapted to it and voila, no more breakouts! Just because of that reason, I'd say it's more suitable for Dry-Normal skin types or perhaps even combination skin that inclines towards the dry, dehydrated types. Oily skin gals would definitely need to stay away or perhaps try out a sample from a Rituals store and see how your skin behaves with it. It's such a lovely product regarding it's texture and formula and perfect for these in-between Summer months when skin's acting all crazy.


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