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Noteworthy: 4 - 1 Important Tips to Remember + Mind Your Body newsreads

I have seen this in many magazines, but I have not gotten down to scanning it in myself. Hence I find I am resorting to "copying" to log this info in my blog. At the same time, I hope it helps you as well, if you'd like to print it out and keep a hard copy.

As we all know, the rule of thumb in makeup (and also fashion), is to never ever emphasize strongly on more than one thing at a time.

So here are some tips from a magazine that Jian of Pinkfishpie has painstakingly translated into English for all of our benefit.

She has lots of stuff from foreign magazines, and lots of posts on foreign food, which I really like. I remember I was quite obsessed with following Sharon Au's blog when she left for Japan to pursue her degree in International Relations. The last I heard, she is pursuing her masters in Europe as an exchange student, also on scholarship. And she tops her cohort every year despite everything being taught in Japanese.

Oops, that paragraph was supposed to be about Pinkfishpie. I thought it's not easy for a medicine student to blog as well. Kind of like Fuzukite...

And for newsreads from Mind Your Body, ST Mar 18, 2010

- An overwhelming majority of people do not show signs of escalation in happiness after the trip. More significant is the increase in elation felt while planning for, and anticipating it.

- The key is not caffeine anymore. Studies have shown that people who drink 3 to 4 cups of coffee or tea a day show as much as 25% decrease in the risk of diabetes Type II. Each cup comes with an added benefit of up to 7% decrease. Even in decaffeinated coffee or tea. So yes, have your cuppa, but decaf.

- Inconclusive study show that drinking of red wine (or maybe even any type of alcohol) within bites and chews helps digestion.

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