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KATE's limited CC Lip Cream

KATE CC Lip Cream / Nudist Pink
I know what came to your mind when you read the title. What the hell is CC Lip Cream? It began with BB cream, then CC cream, there are also EE cream which is ridiculous, and now CC LIP CREAM? I thought the same. So what it does is "Color Correcting". It moisturises, evens out your lip colour, gives a beautiful glossy finish, makes your lips look fuller, and protects them from a sun damage.

There are 4 shades in total, and the one I picked up is 03 Nudist Pink. The other shades are sheer red, blue toned pink and orange. 

I was pretty surprised how sheer it was when I swatched it for the first time. It's barely there. I expected it to be similar to OPERA Sheer Lip Colour (REVIEW) but this one is sheerer. 

When applied on the lips, it does feel like a lip balm. It's not sticky at all, it kind of feels like there is a very thin, none greasy film of oil on the lips. You know the feeling on the lips after you had Pasta aglio for lunch. It's that feeling. 

You might not like it if you like a thicker lip balm like Carmex or Vaselline, that hugs your lips and stay there for hours. You will love it if you don't want to feel anything on your lips, but want to give a bit of colour to them.

The colour is more like a bluey pink than beigy pink which I expected it to be. It's not my favourite shade ever, but it's handy to have in my collection especially when I'm wearing "no make up make up". 

The whole CC Lip Cream series is limited edition for some reason, and some shades are sold out at the drugstores near my house. I personally prefer thicker texture as it gives more shine to the lips, but again if you are a type of person who doesn't want to feel anything on the lips, you should go grab it before it's sold out! 

Oh, and the price. I don't remember how much it was exactly, but definitely below 500 yen. Not too bad, is it?

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