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IN MY WARDROBE: Deepika's 'Om Shanti Om' Hot Pink Dress

I have a dress in wardrobe from a few years back, which wasn't really copied from anything, but still reminds me a lot of the hot pink dress that Deepika wears in her debut movie, Om Shanti Om, as shown below:

I know there's not a lot of similarities,but my version of this dress was an long hot pink anarkali dress with diamante work and stone work along the neckline, under the bust (as an empire-waist style), along the cuffs of the sleeves and as a motif pattern all over the rest of the dress I think that the main thing about it that reminded me of Deepika's dress was the swishy flow of it and the glittering silvery parts, as well as the fitted chiffon sleeves (not to mention the colour!). Not much to go on I know, but I'm a geek like that (and I'm always looking for ways to convince myself that I'm so stylish that I'm actually a secret-walking-Bollywood-wardrobe). But judge for yourselves, here's some pictures below:

I think my favourite part of this dress if the long sleeves with fitted cuffs. The dress actually came as a short-sleeved outfit, but I prefer long sleeves with most of my outfits so I got the sleeves taken off and used them as cuffs for the end of the chiffon sleeves I got made. It's a really great trick for outfits with short-sleeves that you may want to change the look of, actually.Despite the fact that I'm not really a fan of pink (especially the commonly seen hot-pink which has been done to death), I actually do like this outfit, it's simple, it flows in a very flattering way, and this way, I get to pretend I'm Deepika ;)

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