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Bad Ass vs. Bad...Ass -__-

This Week: VPL- Visible Panty Line

You're probably thinking, is there very really an appropriate time to show your underwear and to that we say NO! These days clothes are made to show off our bodies, especially jeans, shorts, and skirts. So why ruin a badass outfit with an unflattering VPL? Can't think of any reasons? We couldn't either. So Ladies please please please don't let this happen to you.

PSA: Guys you didn't think you were getting off that easily did you? *Laughs quietly to myself*
HA! Just as much as we don't want to  see panty lines, we definitely don't want to see your boxers and/or briefs hanging out. You're probably thinking sagging my pants is cool...FAIL! In case you haven't noticed wearing your pants around your knees is no longer cool. Upgrade your wardrobe so the rest us of can live without seeing your underwear..unless we've asked of course ;-)

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