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15 Short Punk Hairstyles To Rock Your Fantasy

Punk hairstyles are extremely popular among young people, especially those who are “in search of themselves”. They are anything but boring and ordinary, that’s why we are so tempted to try them. Besides, punk hairstyles help you to express yourself, showing the world what you are really like deep inside. Maybe it’s just your temporary state but showing it off helps to accumulate the harmony you have in your heart and soul.

Punk style offers variety to everyone, who wants to try it on. The most fantastic thing is you can both go after radical changes or remain within your usual image, diluting it with those elements of punk style you like the most.

Associations With Punk Style

Basically it suggests a rebellious nature expressed in jagged lines, geometrical forms, varied angles, spikes, bold color accents and sharp contrasts of shapes, lengths and colors. Pixie, Mohawk and Fauxhawk are 3 most common short haircuts used for punk hairstyles. The Mohawk suggests shaving the sides of your head. It it’s sounds too challenging, opt for a Fauxhawk or Pixie haircut which are more universal and easy to style with gel, crème or wax.

You have probably noticed that some of the punk images seem overworked and grotesque. However, it’s always possible not to step over the borderline, separating style from bad taste. Here is a collection of photos where punk hairstyles do not look cheap or bombastic, although they are daring and bold enough to rock your imagination and make you think: “Well, I definitely want to try this one”.

15 Short Punk Hairstyles That Demonstrate Good Taste

#1: Spiky & Angular

This elongated pixie haircut is an excellent opportunity for a chic punk hairstyle. Those angles, spikes and color tresses are in the the best punk traditions.

#2: A Girl Of Pablo Picasso

This artsy punk hairstyle reminds masterpieces of Pablo Picasso with his puzzle-like forms, manipulations of color and shapes. This is an eye-catching hairstyle you can’t help staring at.

#3: Swept By The Wind

This is a fantastic short hairstyle, classy, stylish, ultra-chic and challenging enough but no too provocative, as some punk hairstyles, which may be viewed disapprovingly in so-called “decent” societies.

#4: Sleek, Contrasting & In Flux

This gorgeous hairstyle is featuring contrasting textures and motion. It’s perfect for ladies on the go, who follow trends yet have their own good taste and style.

#5: In The Mainstream

This dashing haircut offers so many attention-grabbing elements but it doesn’t seem overloaded. Awesome tinting in the thick blunt cut bang, thin feathery tresses covering the ears and softened spikes complement each other and complete a harmonious image.

#6: Flamy Beauty

Wow! This one is snazzy thanks to successful color combination, varied lengths and silky texture, spiced by cute spikes on the crown. Who knew you can skilfully blend all those in a short haircut?

#7: Rebel At Heart

This is a defiant bold image, created thanks to a trendy fauxhawk haircut. Not every girl would dare to shave the sides and back of her head, while extremely short hair in those areas in combination with a lush top looks pretty daring.

#8: Bold Color Accents

Sharp asymmetric bangs and striking color accents are the focal points of this gorgeous punk hairstyle. Note that a successful choice of hues here is essential.

#9: Rainbow In Your Hair

Asymmetric bangs on a slant are always very impressive, but could you imagine you will be able to combine practically all rainbow colors in your hairstyle so that it doesn’t look tasteless? Here is a stunning example to mimic.

#10: Is A Traditional Bob Too Boring For You?

This could be a traditional collarbone bob, but wait a minute, if you want something truly ravishing and punk, here is an idea.

#11: Lime Extravagance

A very sharp look can be achieved with tints of unusual color and bangs styled up to create jagged contours. Other than that this is a very stylish and versatile short haircut.

#12: Airy Punk

Some punk hairstyles are lighter and less aggressive, like this one for instance:

short punk hairstyle


#13: Spiky To The Bone

This short shag haircut aims to create as many sharp angles as possible. If this is how you see yourself currently, why not to try this rebellious image?

#14: Fine Scissors&Brush Work

Ahhh…those intricate geometrical forms will give your stylist a good run for her money but the result is quite impressive, isn’t it?

#15: Punk Style Doesn’t Exclude Femininity

Do you love punk while prefer to maintain a feminine image? No problem, here is how you may do that. Pay attention to the dress the girl is wearing and her natural make-up.

Play with your punk hairstyle for fun and self expression. Remember you can always enhance or soften an impression you want to produce with the right choice of your makeup, outfit and styling products.

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